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All I do is for your benefit.I do discreet and personal readings. Answers to all your questions. Im generous with My time. Be one step ahead Your future. Feel free to call Me.

What kind of information I can provide to the clients with their natal chart, Tarot readings or I Ching readings? In short description, almost all answers can be provided. Natal chart is karmic chart, it shows all potentials of person. Natal chart is psychological profile of person, what kind of experience soul is going to have in this life. What kind of influences from past lave are taken in this life. Family life, marriage, emotional and social life, perspective in work, children, marriage concerns, as well as all the problems, fears etc. It can be seen, and get all answers to questions related to spheres of life And many more.. Solar and Lunar charts gives us insight to understand life cycles within one month or one year. It can be seen what is about to happen, what kind of experience will someone within those cycles. Transit, progression, directions are tools same as Solar and Lunar charts. You can ask questions like the natal chart, but answers are given for a specified period, solar or lunar. Family, love, work or similar. You can ask whatever You want, anything is possible while questions are harmless to other people. I can provide answers to the following questions and sub-questions that are related to: analysis of the psychological profile of a person, it is possible to see the psychological problems if there is one. ( Counseling is very convenient for children which path in life they should take, career choice and everything that might be in their best interest) Lessons of the soul in this life and karmic circumstances ( some info about past life is possible, not past life natal chart or past life location ) through which one must pass, and answers to all questions related to it. Counseling related to family relationships, emotional relationships, business partnerships, and answers to all questions related to it. Making comparative horoscopes for persons who are in a relationship or have problems in the same, and answers to all questions related to it. Calculation of annual, monthly horoscope, answers to any specific questions if is needed, within the annual and monthly cycles, and answers to all questions related to it. Calculation of days of pregnancy and common terms for delivery, determine the sex of the child, and answers to all questions related to it. Calculation of the most optimal date for relocation sale purchase of immovable and movable property, and answers to all questions related to it. Calculation of the ideal date of birth, with maximum emotional compatibility to your date and hour of birth, all for your successful emotional life. This is very complicate method it takes Me 6h up to 12h of constant calculation, there is no software for this. This is unique method, i think that im only or one of few people who can do that kind of calculation.. The client will get a lot of dates, that correspond to him or her mathematical and astrological ( between 30 to 100 ) it depends on clients date of birth, but the question is what will be of practical benefit of those dates. A lot of math to get some dates. For Tarot and I Ching readings it is possible to get answers related to Your private family life, emotional relationship, social life, even questions WILL I GET THIS JOB are possible. Exact question will give You exact answer. There is possibility to get Yes or No answers from all areas of life, although I Ching does not give a direct Yes or No answers. This depends on experience of person who is using I Ching method. For the I Ching is necessary to ask question in proper manner, to get most beneficial answers.

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The humble practitioner of Astrology Tarot and I Ching with 30 years experience.(Western Astrology, and some Jyotish). I do Tarot and I Ching readings. Im experienced advisor, able to give you deep insight for any life situation. Emotional life, Career, Family, Children, Pregnancy, Life path, Moving, Buying or selling real estate.. and many more...


Master of Astrology,with 30 years of experience. Tarot and I Ching reader with 25 years of experience.

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